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A Lovely Surprise . . .

Posted by wendyburnett on July 13, 2010

chronic illness blog awardI’ve been very remiss, but it’s time to make up for that . . . A few weeks ago, I found a wonderful surprise in my email. Jolene, over at Graceful Agony, has awarded this blog the “One Lovely Blog Award.” I’m amazed and honored to be chosen, however, fulfilling the requirements has been rather difficult. Between them, Dominique (4Walls and a View) and Jolene had managed to pass this award to many of the blogs I follow, so I had to find 15 more blogs to pass it on to. Since Dominique also gave me this award for the new blog on my website (Transform Your Chronic Life) I told them I was going to “cheat” and use the same list for both blogs, but I lied . . . I’ve made a couple of changes because I found a blog they both missed, and another new one I really like. Read the rest of this entry »


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