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Life Gets In the Way Sometimes

Posted by wendyburnett on February 28, 2010

I hate the days when what I WANT to do isn’t possible for some reason. Sometimes it’s just “life,” sometimes it’s the illnesses, but it always frustrates the hell out of me.

I’ve started several posts over the last week, but haven’t managed to finish any of them because the pain has been so bad. I start, and I’m so “fuzzy” from the pain and exhaustion that I can’t focus, can’t put the words together in a way that says what I’m trying to express; or I can’t absorb the information from the research I’m trying to do.

Even better, my hubby has company this weekend, so I worked my ass off cleaning up before he got here (can you say TRIGGER?) I spent two of my days off cleaning, and yesterday was groceries and cooking dinner. Only a few hours of work, but on top of everything else, not a good thing for the body. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that T is here, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the Navy stories. It’s also pretty helpful in a way, because they’ve been doing touristy stuff during the day, which allows me to get extra sleep; and since hubby has taken a couple of vacation days, it’s also let me spread out the usual weekend stuff that has to be done before he can go back to work on Sunday.

I got really lucky with my schedule last week and this week, too. I’m not sure how, because I didn’t request any extra time off, but last week I got three days off, and one short day (4 hours.) I normally work between 20 and 30 hours a week, mostly around 25, and last week was only 22. This week is even lighter, 4 four hour days, and although I HATE the fact that my check is going to be short, it will give me some desperately needed recovery time. (And on that note, it’s time to start getting ready to go to work. Maybe I’ll get lucky and T will take us out to dinner again when I get home . . .)

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7 Responses to “Life Gets In the Way Sometimes”

  1. SO… Did you go out for dinner?!? πŸ˜‰
    I sure understand your frustrations hon… I am SO right there with you!!
    I hope you are pacing as well, and that your body is holding up okay!!
    (((GENTLE HUGS))))

    • Nope, didn’t go out to dinner last nite. They went and had sushi, and I don’t care that much for it, so they went while I was at work, and I had a peanut butter sandwich when I got home. Tonight was PIZZA nite tho. I pigged out, so now my tummy is complaining that I ate too much. (Friday nite was especially yummy – we went to Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles. They have delicious food.)

      T bought a HUGE bag of Lindt chocolates at the expensive mall in town (the one with Needless Markup in it,) and left about half of em here for us. I’ll have to hide some of em, or hubby’s likely to eat more than his share.

      Pain levels are still running around an 8-1/2 or 9, but I’m off work tomorrow, so I’m gonna be lazy. NO work except fixing dinner and getting hubby ready for work. (It’s been really nice the last couple of days, cuz he’s been getting up and getting himself ready (no lunches to fix, YAY,)so I’ve gotten to stay in bed til 1pm or so. I actually got 8 hours of sleep 3 days in a row!

      • YAY!! 8 hours of sleep THREE days in a row?!?!? GOOD FOR YOU!! I am actually excited for you! LOL! Only because I know what it is like to NOT sleep… I get 3 hours a night if I am lucky.

        Those chocolates sound YUMMY! Lindt is my son’s favorite, and if we had them in the house, they sure wouldn’t last long! I am already buying easter chocolates, and they keep disappearing.

        I am sorry that the pain level is not going down.. I can relate doll, I have been at an 8 or 9 for the past two months now, and it just isn’t getting any better. My Doctor upped some of my meds on Monday, so we shall see if that helps. It is the nerve pain that is getting the better of me at the moment.

        We don’t have Chicken and Waffle places in Canada… not a one that I know of. But it sounds really yummy! I can honestly say I have NEVER eaten fried chicken AND a waffle in the same meal… LOL… but I love both of them! Do you eat chicken with syrup the same as you would eat a waffle with syrup? that might sound like a silly question, but I really don’t know! πŸ™‚

        Keep on getting the rest that your body needs… hopefully if you keep sleeping well than maybe it will help propel you through the day better?! hopefully!!

        I hope work is going okay as well.. I haven’t been able to blog and read as much the past week, so I feel out of the loop a bit.


      • Work sucks, as usual. LOL The sleeping has been great though. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep that much, and that was with the pain causing me to take several hours to doze off. However, things are back to normal, T went home yesterday (a day late, because we had snow and his flight got rescheduled for about 14 hours later.) That means hubby’s back at work, and I have to wake up by 11AM to get him off to work, even on the mornings the pain keeps me awake til 8.

        I hope the change in meds helps, I know how miserable it is to hurt all the time. I don’t have a lot of trouble with neuralgia, thank heavens, but the little I do have is awful. Most of my issues revolve around joint pain and tendonitis, and that’s WAY more than enough. Just to give you an idea, I had a migraine yesterday, and when I got home I begged a hydrocodone from someone. It helped the migraine, but didn’t TOUCH the pain in my back, neck, hip and shoulders.

        The whole chicken and waffle thing was something new for me, too, when the restaurant opened. The first time we ate there I had grits and fried catfish, which is a really odd combination that works a lot better than it sounds. This time, we all had the signature dish, which is four fried chicken wings and a waffle. It was delicious, and I did end up getting “maple” syrup on the wings, since they come on the same plate as the waffle. It tasted pretty good, but I doubt if I’d do it on purpose. (Hubby doesn’t like getting syrup on his meat, so he asked for an extra plate, just like he does when he gets a regular breakfast with sausage or bacon.)

        I’m behind on my blogging/reading as well, for basically the same reason as you, but I lost my temper yesterday and did some ranting. I started not to post it, but decided, “what the hell” since I’m sure most folks can relate. I’ve got about a dozen drafts started, and am hoping to get them finished soon, I just haven’t been able to get the research done because I can’t sit up for very long at the time.


  2. Annie said

    Even though I’ve been sick for 11 years, I have still not gotten used to those frustrating days.
    Maybe someday πŸ™‚

  3. It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up

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